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Anri Arts closely collaborates with interior designers, architects and directly with owners in the design, and execution of Murals, Custom Fine Art, decorative painting and custom finishes.

Once WE have established a theme or basic direction, then I look at the room, the furniture, the plans and I offer ideas. You provide feedback and let me know if I am on the right track. Once we have the major concepts worked out, I make a sketch of the best idea(s) and give you a price for the mural based on the concept(s). At this point I often start a list of the details the client wants to have included in the mural (People, plants, animals, colors etc.) Many of the smallest details work their way in spontaneously when I am actually painting..
This depends on the size of the mural or fine artwork and the subject/theme. Painting foreground elements over the existing solid colored background may take a day, and a full wall mural (8x10) could take 3-7 days. A complex, 20'x40' ceiling can take 3 months. Most people are amazed how quickly the painting progresses
 BUT I am focused on QUALITY not speed.
Yes, during your free mural consultation, I will look at the space youare wanting the artwork. Then I will ask general or specific questions like; I typically ask a client about a favorite place or vacation destination, or about their interests. If it is for a child’s room, the child is usually a geyser of ideas. The colors, furniture and overall “theme” in a house all play a role in the concept of a mural or fine artwork so that it “flows” into your space.
Yes. A mural can be painted on canvas and hung like wallpaper or materials such as Sintra, a lightweight yet ultra-durable PVC foam board, and then attached to the wall surface. An added advantage of using either Canvas or wall panels is that if you move, your mural can potentially move with you.
Yes. It might be a problem if the mural requires a smooth look or a high level of detail. Then it is best to either do panels or have an expert re-finish/re-plaster the wall to make it smooth.
It will save you money if you or have an expert re-finish/re-plaster prepare (smooth) and paint the wall the necessary base color beforehand, but I can also do that for you. However, I will hire a 3rd party to do this type of finish work - at an extra charge.
I ALWAYS use a premium paint for my artwork. The brand changes depending on what I am painting and the surface I am painting on.
Yes, I have done murals and fine art in the USA and in Europe (from California, Aspen Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada, Hungary and all over Florida) but I am very pleased to travel to you no matter where you live... Hawaii, Spain, Dubai, Southern France, Japan to name a few. ;-) For many jobs it is far faster and less expensive if I do the mural on canvas and install it at your location when completed...
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